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Dear friends and collaborators,

We at OpenSimSim are shocked and saddened by the multiple disasters that struck Japan this week, devastating the country’s northern infrastructure and reminding us all of the need for integrated systems of risk mitigation and the extraordinary vulnerability of urban centers, even in highly developed countries. 

While our thoughts and hearts are with our friends there, our mission as an international design network compels us to offer our help and assistance to the people of Japan by quickly activating our networks, sharing with them expertise and centers of innovation, and helping to generate good, useful ideas that will lead to both safer communities as well as create new opportunities for future growth and investment.

OpenSimSim partners (TranSolar, Imagine Network, and BaSiC Initiative) would like to inivite you join forces as a worldwide design collaborative
an effort to aid recovery toward long-term solutions that are sorely needed in many contexts — even among the richer nations, where risk mitigation is woefully neglected and underfunded. Japan stands out as a world leader in risk prevention and yet the combined impact of the earthquake, tsunami, fires, and small nuclear explosions overwhelmed preparation, challenging us all to think again about what it means to be safe.

Instead of donating money for the reconstruction effort (which is also very important), we would like to ask you to donate your time as designers, architects, engineers, IT experts, risk specialists, scientists, and entrepreneurs and offer the people of Japan the power of crowd thinking, which is a powerful means to propel the country beyond recovery.

Join the discussion, become partners, and invite all your friends to help us! 

Post your propsals here or send us an email to
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