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[…] Since the first invitation to organize the event, till the event it was a crazy month to set all up in record time. Everyone in Lisbon loved the event, and was amazed on the number of people participating worldwide.

I’m really proud on what we all achieve, and even more proud to be apart of a such big project on such young age. So all good news!

We Lisbon are ready to continue helping in every way possible, and to continue this global network so needed to make people came together and help each other. […]

It was fantastic working with all of you, looking forward for the next one.

Bruno Pereira, architect and representative OpenSimSimPortugal

It was such an great time to sharing with you last three days! […]

*i remember the beginning,
Daniel moved and announced about OpenJapan so quickly, 2 or 3 days
after 3.11 on twitter. that was so dependable to me during repeated after-quake & darkness & shortage of selling product even in Tokyo.
although it took much energy to initiate this 72h event, this is definitely amazing experience to feel the world shrinking. so thanks again to Daniel and initiators, personally ;D
maybe it’s just a start, right?

*what i like is,
this openness and flat format of the idea storage is one of the key issue to keep discussion field be lively. never be just depressed and irritated about the situation. moving forward. the idea is not only seriousness, but with humor, sensible, could feel nationality, too.
This is good discussing tool with laughter and imagination„„,etc. many participant were so delighted about the problem that we picked up was really visualized via world node and turned back for real.

hoping to develop with more detailed contents. […]

Hiromi Fujii, Tokyo (architect)
Wonderful! I feel very proud to have been able to work within, and be a part of this new global family.
I was afraid our ideas would not be worthy, or that we would not succeed. Besides the fact that many of our ideas could become successful beyond our imagination, to be able to bring a sense of hope, happiness, and laughter to a a country in search of help… this is what I am proud of. […]
It has been a pleasure to work with every single one of you.
Joshua Perez - New York (OpenSimSim NY)
OpenSimSim seems to make the world a little bit smaller, having discussions with professionals all over the world is a very interesting opportunity for us. The principle that everyone is able to join the discussions is very helpful to show us as professionals what the people really need, so its also a good tool to get in touch with our end users which are often not heard.
Marcel Bilow (director imagine envelope bv / Facade engineering) 
OpenSimSim has the potential to re-think how we will approach building design in the future and significantly increase the amount of buildings which will be designed by architects.
Thomas Auer (director TRANSSOLAR climate engineering | Best Engineer 2010 (Treehugger))
It was a pleasure working together
Kazuyo Sejima, Pritzker Prize Laureate 2010, director 12th Architecture Biennale Venice